Top 5 Amateur Sports Played in The UK

featured-imageThe UK has seen the birthplace of many wonderful and amazing sports that have taken the world by storm since their inception.

In fact, of the top five amateur sports that are being played in the UK, four out of five of them were invented here. I love sports more than anything.

I enjoy the friendly competition and the camaraderie, even though emotions can sometimes run high, especially in the wake of a foul. Continue reading

10 Adrenaline Fueled Sports From Around The World

feat-imageI love sports, and everything that has to do with them.While I regularly enjoy my homegrown sports such as hockey and football, I occasionally come across some very interesting and action packed sports that were developed in other countries.

Some are team sports, and others are martial art disciplines, but they all have one thing in common: they are physically and mentally challenging, and require a high degree of skill and fitness in order to compete. Continue reading

The Greatest Game Played On Ice

I love several sports but I was not really a fan of ice hockey until I was able to play the game during my teenage years.  My friends and I would play ice hockey during the weekends.


I became even more interested with it after watching a live ice hockey tournament firsthand when I was in college. It was when my dad, an ardent hockey fan, took me to watch the playoffs with him. This game is not like baseball and football as it is really aggressive, exciting and fast-paced.




 At the sporting arena, you can see a lot of avid fans cheering loudly for their favourite hockey team or players. Some are even dressed up in hockey outfits. The crowd of fans is filled with a lot of excitement and anticipation while watching the action that is happening on ice.


Having attended an ice hockey summer camp and school was one of the best educational and athletic experiences that I ever had.  I was able to gain an understanding of what it is like to be a student athlete and have developed my hockey skills.


Our coaches have the tremendous passion to teach us the exciting ice hockey game; they kept us interested and engaged.  The coach identified our strengths and weaknesses and worked on from there.


They introduced different hockey drills which made the game interesting and less monotonous.


The training environment was very challenging yet fun-filled. The ice hockey training and drills taught me not just the sport itself but pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me improve the way I play the game.


We spent several hours on ice, had strengthening and conditioning exercises, learned the proper defensive positions and offensive tactics, forechecking and watched videos of NHL players.




 Generally, there were dynamic workouts, on-ice training, off-ice training, off-ice activities as well as skills development.


Ice hockey is a physically and mentally demanding game played on ice. It requires a lot of stamina, agility, athleticism, and a number of essential skills such as skating, stopping, turning, stickhandling, passing, taking shots, pushing off, deking, checking and goalie skills.


To be a professional hockey player, one needs to have exceptional skating skills, good puck and stick handling skills, excellent hand-eye coordination, good forechecking ability, good work ethics plus the ability to work as a team.


It takes a long time to master all of these skills hence regular practice is a must.


Coaching ice hockey is like performing a juggling act which is a tough job. Hockey coaches have plenty of things to keep track of.


They are always faced with challenges such as keeping less-advanced players engaged, helping advanced players continue to improve their games and building team work.


A good coach will do everything to help his players take their skills to the next level, reach their maximum fitness levels and achieve highest potential. Added to that, he can inspire and persuade the entire team to push themselves to the limit.


Meanwhile here is a documentary video about the origins and history of Hockey:

Many coaches today attend training in advanced presentation skills to improve their communication skills including public speaking and presentation.


 This training tackles the various communication techniques and will help address your public speaking issues and improve the verbal, vocal and visual aspects of your presentation which is important to become a likeable, professional and effective coach.


Ice hockey remains to be a very popular team sport and also an attraction for massive spectators. It’s the greatest game played on ice.


How To Deal With Dental Negligence

Have you ever had an accident while playing sports, like your favorite game of hockey or football? It’s not fun but it does happen from time to time and you really have to be careful not to get hurt.

I have had an accident where I landed on my face and hurt my mouth in the past. Trust me, it’s not fun at all. My mouth ended up bleeding for a while and I really had to go to the dentist to take care of my teeth because I had knocked one out and I felt like others were damaged as well.

I need to get dental treatment but the dentist did not give me the care necessary. At first it was bearable but eventually the pain got too much to live with. Despite repeat visits to the dentist I still ended up suffering to the point where I could barely eat.

The dentist kept insisting that all I needed was a root canal for one of my teeth that got affected by the fall, but it really seemed like it wasn’t helping despite my fifth root canal.

I started to feel like my dentist was committing dental negligence. We’ve all heard about medical negligence, but not all of us have heard about dental negligence just yet. But lo and behold, it exists!

What is dental negligence?dental-negligence-image

Let us first discuss what dental negligence is. Medical negligence is defined as the failure of a medical professional to provide care and treatment within the standards set in the industry.

It could happen through misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, incorrect prescription of medicine, surgical errors, etc. So given that this is what medical negligence is about we can infer that dental negligence is the failure of a dental professional to provide care and treatment within the standard set in the industry.

By the failure of my dentist to correctly identify the problem in my tooth and fix it quickly enough so I do not end up suffering, my dentist is committing negligence.

What do you do when your dentist commits negligence?dental-negligence2-image

The first thing that you should do is to make a record of everything that you are going through. Write down all your treatments including the ones that you have had in the past from the same dentist, write down all of your medications, then write down what you are feeling.

Be specific–give the details of what kind of pain you are feeling; is the pain radiating, throbbing, or dull? This will serve as a record that you will then give to your solicitor. Speaking of which, you should definitely hire solicitors for dental negligence.

Or really, just one. Initial consultations are usually free so you can get in touch with one and decide if they are the right solicitor for you.

Meanwhile an Ex-military invented a new Helmet that could prevent Hockey Head Injuries:

Make sure that you hire a solicitor who is in good standing with the Bar Association, and has actually one cases in the past related to or similar to yours. Disclose all the facts with them including the Journal that you so that they can file a claim for you and so you can get compensation for your pain and suffering.

Most solicitors work on a contingency basis, where they only get paid once you get your settlement. This to be the best way to upgrade so that you do not have to pay your solicitors out-of-pocket and upfront.

Improve Your Fitness to Improve Your Sport

When it comes to a sport such as hockey, it’s best to be as fit as possible so that you can keep up with the game. You can’t play a game and skate around the ring if you get breathless climbing up the stairs.


For a time I was completely unfit and it wasn’t fun to try and get into hockey when you can hardly run a mile, let me tell you that. So if you are wanting to get into hockey or having trouble playing hockey, you may want to improve your fitness in order to improve your sport.


Here’s Top ten Motivational Health and Fitness Tips from Rob Beale:

I’ve been there and I’ve done that, so if you want a few tips on how you can improve yourself and your fitness, just keep reading. Your results may vary, but these are the things I’ve experienced and they worked well for me.


Take Good Care of Your Bodyexercise-image
This much goes without saying—take care of your body. Cut down your fast food consumption, as well as your junk food consumption, and instead eat more healthy foods. Eat leafy greens and other vegetables, fruits, and lean meat.


Take some supplements like a multi-vitamin to put your body in optimal condition. And most importantly get enough sleep—this way your body can rest and recover from all your workouts. Sleep is the most important thing as this allows your muscles to repair and build up.


Get Fit
It’s a good idea to exercise so that your body can become more accustomed to physical exertion. If you get used to it you’ll be able to keep up during hockey games, and you’ll no longer have to take breaks when climbing up several flights of stairs.


Actually, let me tell you a bit of a secret—I actually go to the gym, too, but I don’t spend any money on a membership whatsoever.


This is because we train using the outdoor fitness equipment at our local park. It has almost everything I need not only for cardio but also to tone up. It’s a great way to get fit and build up muscle.


Change Your Lifestyle
The easiest way for you to become more fit is to change your lifestyle. Change your diet—include more healthy food and eliminate the bad foods, or at least significantly lessen them.


Take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible (like, say, for 4 to 5 floors, or even more if you are up to the challenge). Park farther away so you’ll have a longer walk to the store whenever you shop.


Use the bike instead of the car whenever possible. I like that last tip the most because not only are you burning calories and running on your own energy, you’re also saving a bunch of money by not spending on gas. It’s a win-win situation for me.


Keeping fit is the best way to make yourself a great player—so don’t take your fitness for granted!

The Five Different Types of Hockey

feat-imageI am a huge hockey fan and I have been playing it casually since I was a teenager. Since joining my local club here at York, I have been playing and training every week, competing with neighboring towns in friendly matches.

Hockey is a sport of skill and coordination, and you have to be able to move at high speeds on a set of skates or on your feet, all while you are driving a puck or a ball towards your opponent’s goal.

There are currently five different subsets of hockey, and all of them share some similarities. I will not include games such as air hockey or underwater hockey, but will only include the land based sports.

Ice Hockey


Ice hockey is probably the most popular of the sports and is characterized by being played on a large slab of flat ice.

While there are many outdoor versions of the sport, there are ice skating rinks that are specifically designed to host hockey matches.

Ice skates, complete with helmets and Armour are worn by the players. They also have long, L-shaped hockey sticks that they use to drive the puck towards the opponent’s goal.

The puck is made of a vulcanized rubber disc. There are six members on each team, including the goalie.

Field Hockey


Field hockey is played in a field, on sand, or on gravel. The players do not require skates. The game is similar to ice hockey but instead of using a puck, field hockey uses a small hard ball instead.

In field hockey, the players also wear less protection than in ice hockey. Some matches do not require the use of helmets, but others do. There are 11 players on each team.

Take a look and enjoy this funny hockey bloopers from the 2014 NHL:

Roller Hockey


There are roughly two kinds of roller hockey available. One requires the use of in-line skates, where the wheels are arranged in one line on each foot.

On the other hand, quad skates feature four wheels arranged with two wheels at the front of the foot, and two at the back.

Roller hockey is played in a roller court or a skating rink. It also uses a ball instead of a puck, and there are five players on each team: one goalie and four skaters.

Street Hockey


Street hockey is the one that requires the least amount of space. You can even use interesting outdoor playground equipment for schools to create your own goal and playing field.

Street hockey only requires a small ball and some hockey sticks, and a goal. Since it can be played in a relatively small area, it can be played on the street, within playgrounds, or even in a large garage or parking space.

Since street hockey is a casual game, the number of players can vary, but average at five players on each team.

Sledge Hockey


Sledge hockey is also called sled hockey. It is often played by players who have lower body disabilities.

The sled is designed to stay close to the ground, so that it is easy to slide across the ice. The hockey sticks are quite short as well.